The Members



Ethan is 20 years old, and is getting married this October!! He plays piano and accordion, and likes to sing Johnny Cash Gospel. We love his sense of humor and he's a classic car collector, too!



Hosanna is 18, sings soprano, and plays several instruments, her favorite being violin, viola, and piano. She has made 3 solo albums, and does a mean rendition of the Orange Blossom Special!



Micah is 17, plays lead guitar and mandolin. He is currently raising beef cows and is the best farmer in the family.



Moriah is 15.  She's our lead singer, loves ballroom dancing, and is making her acting debut this year in the short film THERE.



Lydia is 14, and a spunky, cheerful girl.  She does a great job singing and playing banjo.  She is learning to ballroom dance, and loves photography. She doesn't mind being right in the middle of all the Plath children.



When Isaac was just learning to talk, he would say he wanted to be a "Mannie Man."  Well, he seems to be just that.  At 12, he's singing tenor and playing guitar, catching sharks and large fish, whatever he does...  He does a great job!

Amber, Cassia and Mercy


Amber is 9, plays the violin and piano. She also sings with her little sisters. She loves math, and is really good at it, too! Amber helps Hosanna manage our product table while we're on the road. She's a wonderful helper. 

Cassia is 7, she is learning the piano and likes to sing. She loves to read books, do math, and color.

Mercy is 5. She loves to sing with her sisters, and play with her doll house. She loves traveling with the family. She usually brings the house down with a cute solo!


Barry and Kim

We have been married for over 20 years, and stay busy with the band, homeschooling the children, and leading a busy and productive household.

Barry is a Transportation Planner, and has worked for the same private firm for over 25 years.

Kim is a Naturopathic Doctor and sees clients out of her home office.  See her website at



In  the fall of 2008 I was transplanting fruit trees with our Suburban,  pregnant with our 8th child.  I looked for our 17-month old Joshua, saw  that he was away from the vehicle, then pulled forward to get the next  tree.  In a panic, I realized what had happened.  I ran over our  Joshua.  I lived the next hour nonstop in my brain for the next 8  months.

My husband Barry followed an ambulance home from work  that day.  Joshua died before he got there.  I lived in Hell on earth.  I  woke up every morning and functioned.  But just barely.  I wanted to  die.  I read in my Bible, “Abel’s blood crieth to me from the ground.”   The next day I read “hands that shed innocent blood.”  I stopped reading  my Bible.  “Oh, God, Help me!” was all I could pray and I prayed it  without ceasing.   My husband was dealing with losing his son and his  wife.  I was gone.  Checked out.  Unavailable for conversations or  reality.  If someone said Joshua’s name I had to leave the room.

I  thought of the accusations I would have thrown at Barry if the  situation had been reversed.  I knew what would have happened if Barry  ever said anything like that to me.  I was so fragile and had totally  lost my will to live.  I would have just curled up and died.  He never  did.  He never even hinted at anything like that.  He was strong.  He  just loved me.

A couple of months after the rest of the world  resumed a normal life, Barry read John 6:16-21. The disciples were in  the boat, and in the next verse “they were on the other side.” God  showed Barry that He would get me to the other side.  I would be  healed.  Barry didn’t tell me.  He just kept silently, gently loving  me.  Mother’s day weekend, God healed me.  I can’t explain it other than  He re-wrote the bad coding in my brain.  He took the ruts in my brain  that had been running that same movie in my mind and filled them with  His Spirit. The movie stopped.  I wanted to live again.  I was with my  family again.  I could hear Joshua’s name and I could talk about him  again.  My sweet husband, through his patience, love, and faith, got his  wife back.  My respect for this man soars when I think of how strong he  was when I needed him most.

God  has been so faithful to our family for getting us through such a  horrific event.  He has indeed fully restored our joy.  And we are  forever grateful!

-Kim Plath

We have all had traumatic events in our lives to one extent or another.  We pray the following would be helpful:

Learn  to take your thoughts captive.  The enemy doesn’t play fair and will  kick you when you’re down.  This is Spiritual Warfare at its finest.   You have to be an overcomer and it will take some work. 

You need people praying for you, praying specifically according to your needs and your situation.

Cry  out to God in prayer.  He will hear and He will answer.  I look back at  my time in the darkness, and I knew God was going to turn the light  on.  And He will for you, too.  Cry out to Him!

Talk to someone close to you: a spouse, a friend, your pastor.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Rejoice when He restores you!


The Band


How do I write the story of our band and leave out how we got married,

how God has led us down all these paths, and how our family has grown and developed?  Because these are the story of our band.

In the Spring of ’97, on the exact same day,

before either of us ever talked about it

or showed any interest in the other,

God revealed to Barry and I that we were going to marry. 

We were married in July of ’97. 

Our marriage has been a continual process

of growth, refinement, challenge, heartache and joy. 

Throughout we have sought God on major life decisions

as well as the minor day to day choices. 

He has taught us how to function as a family in unity. 

How did He teach us?  Little by little, line upon line,

precept upon precept, as we walk by the way. 

That’s how we have taught our children.  The result? 

A family that delights in each other’s company. 

A family in unity, in harmony. 

That’s the story of our band. 

That is the foundation without which

our band and our family would crumble.

It helps that I was a music major at FSU,

and have taught the children instruments. 

But at the heart of our band is a love for God,

a love for each other,

and yes, a love for music.

Everyone played classical music until 2013

when Hosanna learned a fiddle tune. 

Ethan began accompanying her on the piano,

and then was given an accordion by his Grandfather. 

The  summer of 2014 Micah bought a mandolin from vegetables he sold from  his  garden.  Moriah started learning the guitar and I got an upright  bass.   

We began playing at nursing homes, for friends, churches,

and anyone that would listen.  In 2015 Lydia started the banjo,

and Hosanna got a dobro. 

We started singing.

One day Ethan was skimming through radio stations trying

to find one that was to his liking when he found a station

playing Southern Gospel music. He grabbed the camera...I know,
I bet you're thinking "What's he doing with

a camera! Does he really think he can
take the radio apart and take a picture of the Cathedrals?"
No! He videoed it then showed it to his sisters and

said "We can do this!!!"   
In 2015 we went to our first gospel sing....And, well the rest is history!

We have grown so much since then,

with full time performing and producing several CDs. 

Still the heart of our band is to share with others

the beautiful things God has done in our family.

Our Mission


Our family actually has two topics that we are extremely passionate about - family unity and wellness:



The  need for unity within the family is so great, and so lacking in many  modern families. Each member is a part of the whole and has something to  contribute. The family has to have a common goal and direction. The  size of your family doesn’t matter – if you’re a married couple without  children, a single mom, or a large family like ours – what are your  goals? Then work together to carry those out.

Having  a common goal and a common purpose doesn’t mean that we’re all doing  the same thing. At any given moment we may be doing different things but we are all   working toward the same goals.  One of our goals is to help people and to be a  blessing to people. We have to work together to make that happen.

When  I was doing calligraphy for wedding invitations for a friend, one of my  daughters said something amazing. She was eight at the time. I was  needing a couple of hours every day of quiet, and I also needed the  children to get things done in the house (cooking, cleaning, and laundry  are the big ones around here). They all pitched in to help, and my  daughter said “I’m so happy we’re able to give her these beautiful  wedding invitations.” Did you catch that? She said we are  giving. But wait a minute – I’m the one in here slaving over calligraphy  ink. Ah – she gets it. She knows we’re a family – we’re in unity. She  knows she’s doing her part by washing dishes or watching the baby. She’s  as much a part of those invitations getting done as I am when I dip my  ink in the well. It is no different. I know that, but it amazes me that  she knew that. Children know they are contributing to something. They  also instinctively know whether or not there is worth in what they’re  contributing to.

If  children instinctively know the worth and value of their contribution  to the family, it becomes critical that we evaluate exactly what our  values are, and what we need to do to best pass them on. Many parents  have one set of values, and then unintentionally pass on to their  children a different set of values. We don’t have to try to instill  values in our children. We are instilling values in our  children every waking moment of every day. But are the values we’re  instilling the ones we want to instill? Or do we have two sets of values  – the ones we intend to pass on, and the ones we do pass on?

Every family needs a common goal and purpose.  Families need to do things together.  Families need to want  to do things together.  I don't know what your thing is.  But ask  yourself: what are the things in life that bring us closer together?   What are the things that pull us apart?  Then make some changes if you  need to.  You only have so many years with your children.  Spend them  together!



We  have a passion for equipping the Body of Christ to live the fullest  lives that God has for them in order to be able to fully minister to  others.  How productive as Christians could we be if we were not  constantly sick ourselves?  If we could get up in the morning, jump out  of bed and go?  If our prayer meetings weren’t full of our own health  issues?  If our minds weren’t bogged down with lies from the enemy?   What if we were able to freely minister to the needs around us instead  of always needing others to minister to us?  What if we could spend more  time, energy and resources giving than receiving?

It is our heart’s desire to see people walking in a higher  level of health, longevity, passion, and energy.  We love helping those  around us move in that direction!

If  we can assist you in any way, let us know.  We are in a lot of  churches, and from what I've seen there are a lot of sick sheep out  there.  We would love to come to your church and do a class on taking  care of the temple that God gave us.